• Hongxin intelligent equipment Co., Ltd

    Hongxin Intelligent Equipment was established in 2006 and is a high-tech enterprise.
    It has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and CE international safety certification.
    Our company specializes in the research, development, production, and service of non-standard automation equipment, vibrator bowl, visual positioning and testing, and industrial multi-axis robots, providing customers with intelligent production and production solutions.

    Our company has a highly skilled and excellent research and development team. With its exceptional design philosophy and strict quality management system, we have successfully developed multiple automation equipment for multiple Fortune 500 enterprises both domestically and internationally, involving industries such as aviation, medical machinery, electronics and electrical, automotive safety, switch stationery, and other production fields.

    We have achieved multiple invention aspirations and won widespread praise and reliance in the industry, Has become a pioneer in the influential automation industry in China. Our company has a professional and efficient foreign trade management team that has emerged in the international market in recent years, and our products are exported to countries such as Europe and America.

    Hongxin Company adheres to customer-centered, trustworthy and win-win situation, prioritizes quality and excellence, leads development with innovation as the soul, and provides customers with higher quality products and efficient technical services with sincerity, professionalism, and efficiency in service.
    Address:Wuhu City, Anhui Province,China

    Scope:automation equipment, vibrator bowl,visual psitioning and testing, industrial multi-axis robots
    Product List:

    1- automatic assembly and inspection production line for switches
    2- automatic assembly and inspection production line for connectors
    3- automatic assembly and inspection production line for valves and springs
    4- automatic assembly and inspection of automotive parts and hardware components
    5- Vibrator bowl automatic feeding equipment
    6- Processing and production of sheet metal frames, parts, and fixtures



    Application:Suitable for various kinds of electronic components:such as automatic detection of assembly production equipment for connectors,circuit breaker,Low Voltage Apparatus,contactor,plastic components,Hardware components,electronic components
    Operation process:Feeding-ejector assembly-spring assembly-iron parts assembly-defective products detection-finish product discharging

    Related parameters:
    Production efficiency: finish product 70 piece/min
    Equipment appearance size: length X width X height < 2300 X 1550 X 1900 (mm), working table height 750mm
    Programmable logic controller(PLC) is OMRON brand + pneumatic components is SMC brand + vibration bowl automatic feeding is developed by Hongxin ourselves
    Ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees celsius
    Relative humidity:20-90 %RH
    Power supply: single phase 380V ± 10, 50Hz士2%
    automatic assembly machine 

    Application:for various kind of copper-based products assembly
    Related parameters:
    1. Production effeciency: 30 pieces/Min, can replace 5 workers station
    2. Programmable logic controller(PLC) is OMRON brand + pneumatic components is SMC brand + vibration bowl automatic feeding is developed by Hongxin ourselves
    3. Ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees celsius
    4. Relative humidity:20-90 %RH
    5. Power supply: single phase 380V ± 10, 50Hz士2%

      automatic assembly machine 

    1. Mainly used in powder coatings, but also used in thermosetting coatings, fiber treatment agents, adhesives, antistatic agents, vinyl chloride stabilizers, rubber and resin modifiers, ion exchange resins and adhesives for printing inks.
    2. Used as a functional monomer for polymerization. Mainly used in the manufacture of acrylic powder coatings. It is used to copolymerize soft monomers with hard monomers such as methyl methacrylate and styrene. It can adjust the glass transition temperature and flexibility, and improve the gloss, adhesion and weather resistance of the coating film. Wait. It is also used in the manufacture of acrylic emulsions and nonwovens. As a functional monomer, it can be used in the manufacture of photosensitive resins, ion exchange resins, chelating resins, medical selective filtration membranes, dental materials, anticoagulants, and non-soluble adsorbents. It is also used to modify polyolefin resins, rubbers and synthetic fibers.
    Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. Keep away from light. It should be stored separately from acids and oxidants, and must not be mixed. Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities. Prohibit the use of spark-prone machinery and tools. The storage area should be equipped with spill emergency treatment equipment and suitable containment materials.
    Bowl Feeder Series
    Vibratory feeder bowls meet the need for applications requiring maximum versatility for inline parts orientation and gentle handling. The pulsating action of vibratory feeder bowls moves the parts up and around the spiral track as custom orientation devices select the proper discharge position.A wide range of available sizes permit the automatic processing of parts for an entire production shift.

    Vibrator bowl are widely used in various industries such as electronics, hardware, plastics, clock and watch industries, batteries, food, connectors, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food, toys, stationery, daily necessities manufacturing, etc. They are essential equipment for solving the supply of industrial automation equipment. The vibrator bowl can not only meet the directional sorting requirements of products, but also be used for sorting, testing, counting, packaging, etc. It is a modern high-tech product.
    vibrator bowl series
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