2019 The second China International Import Expo
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  • 日期 : 2019-11-07

The second China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th.2019.
More than 3000 enterprises from more than 150 countries and regions participated in the Expo.
The number of participating countries and enterprises exceeded that of the first session.

Compared with the first session, what are the new highlights of the fair?           
Highlight 1--exhibitors: more than 250 world top 500 and industry leading enterprises           
More than 3000 enterprises participated in the Expo,
including more than 250 of the world's top 500 and industry leading enterprises.
The average exhibition area of each enterprise has expanded from
the first 74 square meters to nearly 90 square meters.           
LVMH, Shiseido, Bombardier, Lilly and other well-known multinational enterprises have
become "new faces" in the Expo.           
The US enterprises participated in the fair enthusiastically, with 192 exhibitors,
an increase of 18% compared with last year; the exhibition area reached 47500 square meters,
a significant increase compared with last year, ranking first among all participating countries.

Highlight 2:--exhibits: more and more latest technologies and products to achieve the "global first show"           
Kia Motors of South Korea will hold a global launch of an electric concept vehicle,           
French luxury giant LVMH will hold the "world's first show" of its new products           
Compared with the first session, the exhibition scale of the second session is larger.           
The enterprise exhibition has seven exhibition areas, including scientific and technological life,
automobile, equipment, medical equipment and medical care, quality life,
service trade, food and agricultural products.
The exhibition area has increased from 270000 square meters in the past to 330000 square meters.           

Highlight 3-- Transaction: "buyer group" is expected to exceed 500000 people           
The intended turnover of the first China International Fair is US $57.83 billion. From the preliminary investigation,           
Most trading groups have a contract completion rate of more than 90%.           
A large number of overseas products with advantageous characteristics have entered the Chinese market,           
It meets the needs of domestic consumption upgrading.           

Highlight 4-- Exchange: Hongqiao International Economic Forum to discuss major cutting-edge
hot spots of the world economy
The fair is not a general exhibition, but a combination of exhibitions,
transactions, forums, humanities, diplomacy and other activities.           
The purpose of Hongqiao International Economic Forum is to build a high-end dialogue platform
for the international political and business circles to discuss major cutting-edge
hot issues of the world economy.
The theme of the second Hongqiao International Economic Forum is "open innovation, win-win cooperation",
which is composed of the main opening ceremony forum and five sub forums.
The topics of the five sub forums are respectively "opening, rules and
business environment", "artificial intelligence and innovation development",
"WTO reform and free trade agreement", "digital era and e-commerce innovation development",
"70 years of China's development and mankind" Community of destiny ".           

Highlight five--services: 49 platforms docking into the Expo           
In Hongqiao Business District, where the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) is located,
a B-type bonded logistics center with a total construction area of 51000 square meters has been completed.           
B-type bonded logistics center is an important part of Hongqiao import commodity exhibition and trading center.           
As an innovative project of customs supervision, Hongqiao import commodities exhibition and trading center
has gathered more than 500 brands of imported new products and famous products from more than
60 countries and regions in the world;           
Using the business model of "front store and back warehouse", the trading center helps high-quality goods
from all over the world enter the Chinese market with faster speed and more favorable price.           
There are many similar trading service platforms in Shanghai to help "exhibits become commodities".           
The Greenland global commodity trading port, which is one street away from the National Convention
and Exhibition Center, has attracted more than 50000 overseas commodities from
50 countries and regions, including 2000 of the same commodities from the first and second fairs.           
On the eve of the fair, 18 enterprises were awarded the "6 days + 365 days"
trading service platform in Shanghai, making the total number of trading service platforms reach 49.